Gorakhpur Redefined

by highflyermay

Such is my City, always had a lot of potential and as being recognized its proving its worth, we are witnessing a lot of development and parts of city have completely changed now like Medical college road, Gorakhnath road and Moddhipur road have completely revamped. today the fertiliser plant which was shut down due to issues, has been reinstalled and functional.

Nestled in the foot hills of the Himalayas, a plain with plenty of river water and fertile soil, Gorakhpur and its surrounding areas have abundance of natural produce, rice, wheat and sugar cane grow amply. one of the most densely populated areas in the world, everything here has more than few sellers and land is far away from reach.

Nevertheless its a happening place to at be, people from 200 km of nearby towns and villages prefer it as a hub for medical legal travel shopping entertainment education destination, Today thanks to modi ji and yogi ji a long seen dearm of a gorakhpur metropolis is being realized, under the guidence of modi ji, a lot of effort is being to modernise and devlope the this region of north india from situated between gorakhpur to varanasi.

DEVLOPMENT OF GORAKHPUR REALLY STARTED WITH EMERGENCE OF GIDA, how it came into excinstence , who made the first effort has to be learned upon but it became a boon for the city, earlier industries were located near Khalilabad a refined oil plant two paper mills, oxygen plant, all flourishing things were near skn.

gida emerged with arp then we heard of crazy later distillar and steel plants came on, today as we know yogi has ordered of 750 acers of land for expansion of gida, the future beholds brightness, gorakhpur link expressway, gorakhpur bypass outer ring road and many such other projects are contrubuting to the growth of the city.

with emergence of domestic flights, top brands have cropped in the city skyline, soon international airport is coming up near kushi nagar as gorakhpur city is having a base airport of the airforce as we are close to china from here so this international airport is built a bit far away.

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