How Come We Get Here.

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How Come We Get Here.

How Come We Get Here. ever imagined, Have You ? I come up to this question, many a times, trying to figure it out, so on this blog, here in this post, I am trying to sum up some info which may enlighten the issue, how ever I not very qualified to reason on the matter but I can gather some info already present and mix it with my thoughts to create a perfect blend of words for this story, writeup.

How Come We Get Here.
How Come We Get Here.

“first thing that comes to the mind, when you glance the system, some one made it with a purpose ….”

Intro About How Come We Get Here.

So the first information regarding How Come We Get Here. i came across “from Nothing” – sounds great na, let’s dig further,

also found out : Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time; also he has put eternity into man’s mind, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” Through why do we exist, two beings emerge: a temporal you, a vector in the stream of time with a beginning and an end; and an eternal you that seeks to perceive the beginning and the end.

Another Interesting find “Life is a river, we know, it flows, like a river, and we … are the drops of that pure pulsing transparent as ethereal water to recreate life on our own.” I’m a drop of a human being and therefore concluding all human beings are originally a drop of a liquid from someone in one orgasm of love, for his-soulmate.

Well the topic is intense and hence requires a lot focus and imagination to work upon.

One Interesting find I made today is that it is compulsory to ask “why?” to god and only god – I will try to take up this topic in some another article soon.

Second info i came across and it looks even more perfect ” from the mind ” also advised with it is to ask :

“Why am I here?”…to create ! “Where did I come from?” …There is no past!!! (Contemplate/meditate on this) Recognise that beliefs are also creations of the mind…so instead, look for the reality of “knowing”. “Seek and ye shall find”

well have study deeper into it.

another important find, Well, how we get here is obvious, but where we need to go is something that we need to think about that and to prepare ourselves for that journey. this is something we will cover in another post ” about the journey here”

also another intresting question arises here Why Are We All Here ? (purpose of life) so the question with why arises and we will cover it some another post in near future.

very well said : “We exist because that someone still hopes that we can be like were supposed to be.”

Got Another interesting piece of info and third new reason “cells”

Role of Cells In How Come We Get Here.

Survival of the fittest. When life started so did the competition to remain alive. You may say that life started accidently. The conditions were perfect for the beginning of life. It started as a single cell. Its life was short. So it evolved. Evolved into a better species. A number of species came into existence. Competition became more intense. In the end the humans came into existence (the fittest for survival). The most advanced life form on earth. But what are we made of? Cells. The first life form was a single cell and humans are made up of millions of cells. So we can say that cells found a way to survive longer. As we tend to live in groups so do the cells. In our society we have the army to protect us. The body has WBCs. The cells stay together and live longer. We have emotions, feelings, etc which is due to the brain. But the brain itself is made up of cells. So we can say that we just have the illusion of life. The energy liberated from the food that we eat is ultimately used by the cells. So I think that it is just the cells which live. Think of us as a huge robot with millions of humans working in it. The robot does all activities but it isnt living.

well Another opinion from the system, cell form up us ?? is it so ? cells use us to keep them alive here on earth ?? well, have to look into it.

another interesting find :

We are here to ask question like “Why we are here?” Haha Seriously? really ha ha ha but whatever. however The answer is, it doesn’t matter. Everybody has different experiences, memories and life here. So meaning of life must be different to everyone. So here is the Genesis. LIFE=Experiences you experience. well very strong thoughts.

development of species or created by a power full source in How Come We Get Here.

Scientists says HUMAN is just a social animal which is development of species. On the point of scientists, HUMAN BODY is a most complicated machine in the world. It’s just a scientific basis. BUT WHEN YOU ASK FOR REASON ANSWER IS QUITE DIFFERENT

Others says human is a creature formed by some powerful source, GOD(based on hindu, christian, muslim, buddhist…,).Every religion tells their story why human are born. But at the end, they say humans must obey GOD, never hurt others ,do our possible help to others, works on truth. SOME REASONS FOR WHY WE ARE ALL HERE? 1)We are here to make impossible to possible. 2)We are here to show what is love and affection. 3)We are here to help others. 4)We are here to enjoy our life and what we are doing? 5)We are here in the stage of world as a hero or comedian or audience .

“We are here because this is our Home given to us. We are created begins. Our sole purpose is to Love and live in harmony, To learn, to gain knowledge and wisdom. Because no where else it is possible for us to be Happy and adventurous as we are here. Our soul is given with this brain and body with sense through which it call gain and give ,knowledge and love.”

So, as i always think is it heaven here, the final frontier, we are enjoying the fruits of the labor, we think, act, show, progress, create memories, is it so ??

Opposites attract

We incarnate in this physical world to experience pain, suffering and fear. In heaven, all we have is truth, love and joy, there is no pain, suffering and fear.

“In the absence of that which You Are Not, that Which You Are, is NOT.”

In the absence of ‘cold,’ you cannot be ‘warm.’ In the absence of ‘sad,’ you cannot be ‘happy,’ without a thing called ‘evil,’ the experience you call ‘good’ cannot exist.

That’s Why

Conclusion Why are We All Here ? (topic coming soon )

Why are We All Here ? OR how come come we get here.

I have been intrigued by this question from a very young age. Now after several years and multiple life experiences I believe I know the answer. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution claimed we had come from a less sophisticated model and evolved through natural selection and genetic mutations to become the human beings we are today. The Australian Aborigines believe in the distant past when Gods walked the earth they created humans, Hindus talk of the Rig Veda where a cosmic man was sacrificed to create humans, Christianity and Judaism believe God made humans on the sixth day of creation, Muslims similarly believe in Adam and Hawa (Eve), and multiple other civilizations such as the Mayans had their own beliefs. With several theories to explain how we came to exist, we can’t confidently prove any of them to be true. However, what we can marvel at is the existence of this stunning earth and everything that it contains; from the mountains and oceans, to the seasons and weathers, to the plants, animals, and human beings.

We may have several ideas to explain how we got here, however I believe the more important question to reflect upon is why are we here? Through self-introspection I have realized the most essential reason for our existence is for us to grow and flourish. Throughout my past experiences I have noticed situations and people have entered my life that have facilitated my growth. Life has been good and challenging, but over time I have learned that the challenges have been an usher to push me beyond my safety zone. The trials are placed to allow us to expand, to leave behind the less evolved and embrace the innovation in us. Thus, if we approach life with such zeal, we notice that we are able to break our old habits and clasp a more progressive self. I don’t believe my purpose on this earth is to play the role of a doctor, a daughter, a wife, a sister, or a friend, albeit I enjoy playing these roles. Ultimately, my only purpose is to self-evolve, to continuously reflect, and improve upon the old me.

where do we go after we come here ???

There are also several theories explaining what happens to us after we die. A simple Google search pulls up several renditions of life after death. However, all the theories lack evidence to prove they are valid. Thus, I believe as a society and as human beings we would be far more constructive if we focused on our time here. We should continue to play all the roles that we play in life however; we must remember eventually we are here to self-improve and grow to become the best version of ourselves. By focusing on our own internal evolution, we essentially make this world a better place for everyone else.

With that said, don’t worry about who we are or why we are here. Frankly, don’t worry about shit my friend, this could also just be some whacky dream. All we do know is that each of us has a maximum life expectancy of around 85–100 years, that’s only about 30–40,000 days, so if you are lucky to make it that far spend those days hanging with cool people, seeing different parts of this tiny little world, and most importantly having fun!

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