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by highflyermay

Namaste, (Jai Shri Krishna, om Namah Shivay, Jai Mata Di, Jia Bajrang Bali, Om Namo Narayan, Om Shanti, Hello, Hola, Kisen ba & Whatever, friends) & Swagat Hai (welcome to) Do you want to know the meaning of this very domain then read the article till last.

On Fb, My Handle is : My Facebook Page : MinjLeven other url associated with this Websites

friends, i started this blog last year in april/may 2020 and lost the complete data and structure by late 2020, what a year it was ??

but more arrived later in 2021 since start of April 2021, we got some life changing experiences and yet we are not completely changed ??

when my originial blog got deleted it had various topics recorded for to be worked upon but nevertheless.

i am restarting work on on personal blog ones againg today on sun 20th june 2021 at 8:21 pm and with a span of few days i am going to bring it on the track.

this site is dedicated to my journey and invite you to be a part of it ( some of you may already be a part of it)

you may have arrived here because you follow my social media channels and somehow are interested in content brought by myself.

here text content along with picture blog later videos will be featured. real life stories, wisdom speaking, general life topics, self realization, travel stories, City review, country review, product review, theme park reviews food review food recipes, places and more will be covered.

The journey so far ( )

starting as the cry baby going on to be bully, nothing woth discribing went on, later on good food and relaxing life and time accompanied, realized very late, sorted somethins out, somethings remain, purpose is there, will is there, but the path is not very sorted out. whatever, going on with the flow, taking things one at a time. lot of self realization went by, learning along the way. Today I like describe myself as “Jack of all trades & master of some, i like to work on different projects or verticals, one work cant keep me occoupied and so i get bored and distracted and so i keep on doing different activites and what ever helps me move a bit further, i work on it.

today i feel sorted out, few goals out there, few hick up’s to deal with and everything is fine, isn’t it ?? now i have zeroed on few projects on which me and my team will be working upon, nothing new till then.

this website feature my blogging efforts, pics, videos, writeup on various topics a photo blog ( as videos were not the norm when we started blogging) stories ( i have been a sort of story teller since my early day’s and i long to create and feature stories, (only that i have realized that it has to be a positive one nothing else.

what I do for living ( )

I belong to a agrawal/ baniya family from north india (though my astrologer tells me that in my previous birth i belonged to south india) i have spent a lot of time in the cities of varanasi, gorakhpur & bettiah in bihar & also travelled extesively and long to do more.

i am now a part of my family business started by my father v.k agrawal, i am also Promoter & Founder of Venture9.In I came up with a idea to convert one of my Facebook page into a brand and also launch a tech company facilitating the same, on 24 October 2104, Facebook page for my tech company Venture9 was created, followed by a website for them same, years went by, my tech company was going on its own pace and in the meanwhile work on various brand development started.

In 2020 When First Wave Of Pandemic hit us all, it was decided to come up with blogging and not only blogging through 1 blog but with various blogs. so with website development, brand development, content creation was also started.

today my company has a number of blogs which publish user friendly content on various niches also our tech blog which is hosted on main venture9 website is now AdSense approved since june 23 2021.

What I ExPerienced

what i want to share

what will be coing next (some guess work)

like healing is important, with peace and stability, its essential to be dieses free and cope up with whatever i have avoid newer once.

which means “My Life” in Dutch.

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